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Is it normal for a child to eat foreign objects?

Is it normal for a child to eat foreign objects? My autistic son is 9 and eats wood, rope, cardboard, and rocks. How can we stop him from doing this before he causes himself any harm? The behavior that you are discussing is Pica. Bottom line, it is the eating of non-edible objects. The majority…

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Special Needs Acronyms Explained

Special Needs Acronyms Explained When your child is first diagnosed, it can feel overwhelming in so many ways. One of the first obstacles is learning to understand the ‘lingo’ of the professionals who will be helping your child and there is a staggering amount of information to learn along the way. As well as treatment…

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Autism Apps for iPad – April 2018

Best Autism Apps For Autism Awareness Month April 2018

Is your child autistic? Trying to decide if an iPad could help your child? You are not alone! In the UK, it is not uncommon for iPads to be utilized by children of all ages with autism. If you have just bought an iPad for your autistic child, then you may be curious as to…

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